Friday, May 27, 2016

Immortal Enemy

I was armed and I was lethal. I had only one thing on my mind... to mow down my enemy with brute force! Looking out along the field, the site was menacing. There were literally thousands of them. But I was determined. They have lived to threaten me far too long and the day had come to lay them down, once and for all!

Without hesitation, I charged, slashing through them like a blade through wind. Their life giving fluids splattered my face, but the moisture was inviting on this warm dry day. They had no defenses but for a few strategically placed land mines. Yet, with my keen senses, I could sniff them out a mile away.

Fortified with deep rooted hatred, I was an unstoppable force. I slashed to the left of me and chopped to the right for what seemed hours. And just when my strength was about to fail me, it was all over. Wiping my brow and taking a deep satisfying breath, I looked out once more to the battlefield and smiled. Sure, their seed may one day rise against me, but as for them... those weeds would bother me no more!

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