Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Write Because You Can

I've been doing a ton of reading lately, many of them new stories, and others I decided to revisit from my childhood. Among them were two assigned readings from middle school and high school - The Island of the Blue Dolphins and The Diary of Anne Frank. Let me tell you, I haven't stopped thinking about them since. Both of them left what I feel will be a lasting impression on me.

In The Island of the Blue Dolphins, it was inspiring to see a young girl continuing to live as if there were no alternative (i.e. giving up). Each day, Karana woke with a purpose. Regardless of how impossible the task seemed, she pushed through. No matter how lonely, she never gave a moments thought to ending it all.

The Diary of Anne Frank left me in awe of how intelligent and well written a 13-15 year old girl could be. Though it was intended as her diary, there was a lot of creativity in her writing. She had an incredible grasp on life for being so young. Much of her way of thinking was informed and insightful.

While both books were completely different in the stories and lives they portrayed, they left me with one overarching feeling - to keep living your life as though there will always be a tomorrow. I know this goes against the many quotes about "living each day as though it will be your last". But how much more powerful is it to have hope for a new day? I might not do many of the "frivolous" things I enjoy if I thought today would be my last on earth. But, if I had hope for the future, I would live each day aiming for it.

Another thought that's been sitting with me for several days is how Anne Frank aspired to be a journalist and writer. How unfortunate that she never lived to fulfill that dream. Now I examine my life and feel very blessed. Though I'm no fortune teller, I have no reason to believe there won't be a tomorrow for me. So, I will write because my imagination yearns to be brought to life. And, I will write in honor of those whose dreams to do so went unrealized. I will write... because I can. 

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